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Interactive Telecommunications

Dustyn Roberts

Dustyn Roberts
Adjunct Associate Professor of Communications

Phone: 212 998 1880


Mechanisms and Things That Move


BS, Carnegie Mellon University
MS, University of Delaware


Dustyn is currently working for the Manhattan based engineering firm Honeybee Robotics and is just returning from an extended assignment with an Australian mining company in Perth.  Previously, she helped design and integrate a subsystem for NASA's 2009 Mars Science Laboratory mission.  She has consulted for an artist in residence at Eyebeam (with ITP alumni James Powderly and Michelle Kempner), taught an adult "Robots for Beginners" class at a robot toy store, and sometimes helps out another ITP alumni Jeff Fedderson developing sustainable energy projects for the Habana Outpost.  She was featured in October 2006 in the BBC Science pilot "Battle of the Geeks,"  and published an article in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics in 2007.  Her interests range from sustainable energy to animatronics and everything in between.